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Time to say things

I've been stuck here in Pennsylvania for much longer than most kids my age because of AMDA starting so late. I'm still here for another 2 weeks! I guess I've been making the most of it though- keeping busy at the beer barn and spending time with whatever sassy kids still remain. I've definitely been going a little stir crazy though. I am SO done with this place. Beyond it.

I've felt something stirring inside of me lately, something roaring an churning and beating and begging to get out. I want it to, and I'm trying, but there's so much in there buried so deep.

Sometimes I don't feel completely genuine around people. I'm always being funny and silly and crazy around people close to me, and doing everything I can to try and help them and make them feel good. But then when I'm alone, I'm much more serious and even sad. I'm not saying either one isn't really me, but is one me more than the other? Why such a dramatic difference? Do I need to surround myself with people to ever really be in a good mood?

Love life is so completely nonexistant. My feelings on that subject is a whole different rant entirely.

Overall I'd say I'm fairly happy with how things seem to be going in my life, and how I'm progressing. It seems like I'm finally starting to achieve the small goals I've set up for myself, but it's a long process because I'm very slow to change.

I think the most important thing in life is to always make sure you feel fulfilled creatively, spiritually, financially, and emotionally, and if you're not, try to find out why, and fix it.

I'm probably going to get a new livejournal and screen name soon. They're both too high schooly.

Look out New York, I'm coming for ya, and you can be damn sure that you'll never be the same again.
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