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What a life...

So as I said in my last entry, almost two weeks ago my Poppi died. I went to his funeral services that thursday and friday. It was very hard for me. It was even harder for my mother and my Nonni though. Everytime they looked at him they burst into tears. My Nonni was in hysterics almost the entire time. My Poppi and her were married for 61 years. They knew eachother even longer than that. Almost their entire lives. At the wake there was this wonderful picture of them when they were 17 years old. My Nonni was in a white dress and my Poppi was in his navy uniform and they both looked so young and happy and beautiful. This whole experience has made death something incredibly real for me. Before this I had never lost anyone close to me, death was something completely intangible, like another galaxy. But now I know what it's like and I can't bear the thought that I will go through this so many more times in my life. I'm just happy that he's at peace now. He was sick for so so long, and the last time I saw him he looked happy.

I went to a giant peace march in new york that saturday. It mas amazing. There were 300,000 people in it. I felt great. Like I was actually accomplishing something. I also got to hang with my Maggie and Becca and all the other lovely Beacon kids. Good times.

I may have a job now at the Beer Barn working for Kelsey's dad. We'll see.

Phil's cast party for the music man kids on saturday was amazing. I absolutely adore those kids. It was so much fun.

Upcoming life events:

18th birthday in one week.

Prom that friday (still need a date).

AMDA audition that saturday. God damn I hope I get in.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit after that.
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